Management and development 

Our executive team consists out of our founding pharmacists and business partners. They have been working together to build Your Solution Compounding Pharmacy as we know it today. This team started with the dream of changing lives and they have come a long way to ensure that it is a standard in our daily product and service delivery. 



Pharmacists and Pre-Registration Pharmacists 

The pharmacists at Your Solution Compounding Pharmacy are the individuals who create formulas for any new compounding prescriptions that we process. They also oversee all repeat prescriptions being filled to ensure that all orders that pass through the lab have been double-checked. 


Business, IT and system development

The development team are responsible for maintaining current systems as well as developing new business systems and structures to ensure that Your Solution Compounding Pharmacy is always functioning at optimal efficiency. This team is dedicated to ensuring that the company's systems are adaptable and sustainable.


Reception and administration

Our customer service team serve as a first point of contact for all patients and clinics. This team is dedicated to ensuring that all customer enquiries are tended to, all orders are placed and that any necessary communication with clients take place. They strive to deliver these services with a friendly and encouraging demeanor in order to ensure that our patients always leave our facility with a smile.




The lab technicians spend their day in our labs making each individual item that is ordered through Your Solution Compounding Pharmacy. This team is based in our Brendale lab; they are the individuals who enable us to deliver products within a 24 hour timeframe.


The dispense team works tirelessly every day to ensure that all items that come through the lab are correctly dispensed and labelled, they are also our last point of quality control checks before the pharmacists finalise the order. Once a compound has passed through the dispense team the dispatch team ensures that the order is directed to the right location for collection or packaged and labelled for postage. 


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