Sterile Lab

I am proud to be described through a wide range of adjectives;  Ambitious. Analytical. Generous. Intelligent. Observant. 

My daily goal is to have a clear strategy for the day's tasks and to see to it that these tasks are executed correctly and with accuracy in order to ensure that all patients receive the highest quality of compounds. I strive to learn and improve my personal skills every day, and I am always looking for ways to improve systems or processes to increase quality and efficiency. 

Being able to come into work and doing something that I thoroughly enjoy can almost be described as pure bliss. Adding on top of that the fact that I am able to make a positive impact on other lives is more than I could have asked for. 


General Lab

In everything I do, I set out to always handle situations with resilience and bear people with kindness. I'm a firm believer that a little bit of understanding can go a long way in making a positive impact in this world.

If I could choose to be remembered for one thing, I would hope that it would be for always making a positive impact in the room I'm in. I always want to help someone, no matter the context. Whether it is internally, with our staff, or helping a patient - I am here to offer what I have to help people,.

Hearing success stories from our patients and seeing how grateful they are, makes me realise that what we do is important to take care of people in a world where it is so easy to get neglected. 



General Lab

I pride myself in being knowledgeable, hard working and eloquent.

I love it when our team can pull together to help and encourage each other to achieve our daily and long term goals. It is my priority to ensure that I create goals for myself also and am working to my ambitions and optimal self; this I can bring to the workplace daily. Ensuring perfect quality compounds are created and clients are blown away with what we do makes me happy and feel purposeful.

I am blessed to be a part of the Your Solution Compounding Pharmacy Team compounding life- changing medicine for patient needs. Everyday we continue to evolve and grow and and I am grateful for the chance to make a difference.


Business System and Software Development

"I fix things"

My colleagues would describe me as knowledgeable, helpful, and paradoxical.

I am content when I leave these doors in the afternoon knowing that my team pulled together to work as a unit and help each other to get things done. 

I find it rewarding to know that my contributions to this organisation enable us to change people's lives by making unique products to suit their needs.



General Lab

I am known by my co-workers as the “Silent Killer” because I always get the job done! I am known for always being efficient and determined to ensuring that the work is done to the highest quality.

One of my main priorities at work is setting out goals for myself and the people around me to help them achieve these goals and be the best people they can be. I found joy in training the new sterile lab and I love seeing personal growth in each of my co-workers. It makes me proud to be part of a team environment where positivity and growth is encouraged.

The most rewarding part of the job personally is hearing about our patient’s positive feedback and knowing that the team’s hard work has paid off and changed their lives in a better way.



General Lab

Behind the funny and friendly demeanor, is quite a secret weapon, with the reputation of being the pocket rocket of the team. I am always efficient in what I do and I am known for being able to pull through and delivering great results under pressure. 

Always strive to achieve better. I always set my focus on myself and believe in continuous improvement on a daily basis. If you can be just a little bit better than you were yesterday you are set to achieve great things in life. 

It's a great feeling to know that I am able to contribute to my team when they need me most in order to achieve our main goal; changing lives.



Sterile Lab

Everyday I set out with the mindset of making this day better than the one before. I want to give more than 100%. 100% at home. 100% at work 100% with my studies. 100% to my child. So that is 400% I strive to give every day. 

I love it when I can look at a compound and say: "This is perfect". The strive for perfection is what drives me every day. No better feeling than creating a compound and giving a client a product of the highest quality. In my working environment I try to bring a positive attitude to work every day.


I try to contribute to everybody's day, even if it is only a smile and a friendly "Good Morning" every day.


General Lab

I love my job here because it allows me to be my true self; bubbly, energetic and loud (as some of my co-workers would say).

I believe I have a deeply positive impact on my team by helping create a fun and positive environment to work in. I find comfort knowing I am able to brighten people’s days and get work done efficiently and to a high standard.


My favourite part of the job however would be my ability to help so many people daily and that each patient is treated as an individual. My goal in life is to make an impact in people’s lives which is made possible every day in this job



General Lab

“The artist… looks like one, is one, and works like one! “
I believe my co-workers would describe me as someone that takes pride in their work and adaptable.

I aspire to be adaptable in any situation, workplaces constantly change and if you can adapt you can thrive. This quality of mine has led me to be very adventurous, I enjoy learning new things and exploring areas of the workplace I am yet to learn. To achieve this goal of mine I have to be confident in my abilities which is why I’m always telling myself and the people around me that “you can do it!”

The most rewarding part of my job would definitely be the work environment because we uplift each other and never hesitate to lend a hand if it’s needed. The positive and encouraging workplace I have the pleasure to work in genuinely has a positive impact on my day and motivates me to do my absolute best.



General Lab

My co-workers know me for being witty, driven and always having a smile on my face.

I am extremely proud to be a part of this company because I am a piece in a puzzle where I can make an impact on people’s lives and do so in a friendly team environment. I have had the pleasure and joy of meeting new people and jumping in to help wherever and whenever I can.

My favourite part about working in the lab is learning new things and learning from my mistakes. I firmly believe that team work and having a positive outlook on life and work is essential to producing the high-quality products that we provide to our patients.