AKA Dispense Queen.
“It looks like she is on Starship Enterprise when she works"

I would like to think that my co-workers would describe me as being bubbly and funny but I can confirm that I give my best efforts so that they would be able to call me "extremely hard-working"

I love when I can power through the day’s work remaining cool, calm and collected. I am known for always having a contagious smile and always being in a positive mood despite having to leave my beautiful daschund at home every morning.
My favorite part of the job is being able to help people daily but also Uber Eats on Fridays is in close second!



I am funny, the queen of sarcasm and I have decided that despite what may seem like initial disagreement, my co-workers  think I "have the singing voice of an angel." 

There is one thing that brings me a sense of achievement above all else on a daily basis. My pride and joy - my snack shelf. Other than that, there is also an unwavering commitment and dedication to my team and our work. I always try to uplift and encourage the people around me by making them smile, or if they really need it, offering a snack. 

Joy is found in the small things, and the highlight of my day is the daily dispense karaoke, and the highlight of my week is undoubtedly tuck-shop Friday.



Student Pharmacist / Dispatch

I am known by my co-workers as someone that is enthusiastic, ambitious and funny. I have high attention to detail and believe that physical appearances reflect the appearance of the company.

I love that this company allows me to learn and grow not only as an aspiring pharmacist but also as a person. My co-workers have already taught me so much about the kind of pharmacist I want to be and I always feel appreciated. I find it comforting knowing that my co-workers never hesitate to give me a challenge or a task to complete, knowing that I will always give 100% and follow through.

 I love working in an environment where I can express my “fresh perspective” and opinions on aspects of the company and have input valued.


Dispense / Dispatch

I am described as a “happy little vegemite” by everyone in my team. I am always looking at the brighter side of life, and the brighter side of the office which is the snack shelf. 


Every day I strive to have a positive impact on everyone that I interact with. I am always trying to make my colleagues smile and have a good day. I always try to challenge myself by learning something new every day. My goal in life is to ensure that everyone I interact with feels supported, liberated and loved.


The most rewarding part of my job is that I have the ability to do all of these things by processing medication and getting them out to our customers.