Reception / Administration

I approach every day at work with a lighthearted attitude and try to lighten the mood whenever I walk into the office, while still maintaining a good quality of work. I can be described as funny, sassy and bubbly.

Positive feedback from customers allows me to leave the office with a sense of achievement at the end of the day.

The most rewarding part of my job is being part of a team that is so friendly and dedicated to helping not only every individual that comes our way, but also realise the value in helping each other.



My bubbly personality always allows me to interact with patients and clinics in an enthusiastic and positive manner. Far from what you can expect from your normal customer service interaction, my cheeky-ness and sass are known to have people walk away with a smile.

My goal at work is to help as many people as I can with my actions that day. Every morning I reset and align my perspective to see the day as a source of constant opportunity to change lives.

I love getting feedback from customers and hearing how the products we  compounded have helped them and increased their quality of life



Naturopath / Reception

Being kind-hearted and caring are key aspects of my personality and that is reflected in my interactions with both customers and other members of the staff. Despite having a calm demeanor, I am very driven about the things I am passionate about.

A smile is worth more than anything else, and that is why I am happy to call my day a success if I can make the people around me smile. 

Helping people in health by providing them with products, understanding and guidance is of so much value and I am grateful to be able to assist them.



"Mon's presence is like a reminder to take a deep breath and stay calm, no matter the pace of the day." My co-workers often describe me as being warm, reserved and hardworking, the latter of which I take a lot of pride in. 

My main priority is to be effective in managing my work load and I focus on completing the tasks at hand without getting distracted or overwhelmed by the environment around me. 

The most rewarding part of my job is being able to assist in delivering a product that is customised to suit each patient's individual need.




My warm personality combined with my caring nature makes me  easily approachable and known for being kind.

 90% of my day is dedicated to client interactions, the majority of which takes place via phone-calls, thus I aim to have great rapport with customers both via the phone and in person. It is also essential for me to have good relationships with my co-workers.

As I handle follow-up calls, my day is filled with positive feedback and conversations with patients - which is by far the most rewarding part of my work.



Reception / Administration

The essence of who I am is captured at best through what is left unsaid when my co-workers are asked to describe me, and instead of three words you get laughter and joy that reaches their eyes.

I am passionate about finding innovative solutions for problems or challenges that we face and seeing the impact that these solutions have on the experience's of patients as well as the difference it makes to my colleagues' day at work.


Seeing our team happy, developing new skills and hearing incredible stories from our patients and their results after using our compounds brings me  a great sense of achievement.


Pharmacist Student / Administration

"Dedicated." "Passionate." "Calm"

My daily goal to always be able to say that I have gone the extra mile. I apply this to not only my work-ethic but my interactions with customers as well - I always take the extra step to make someone's day a little nicer. 

Being part of a company that provides individuals with products that can better their quality of life and change their future is something that I am incredibly proud of. The realisation that what I do every day - no matter how small the task may seem - forms a mechanism in this process, is very powerful and it drives me to always give my best.



Administration / Accounts 

I am focused on always delivering a high quality of work and co-workers can rely on my help at all times. Being prompt is very important to me, but I do take the time to be inquisitive and seek opportunities to learn during my day.


 At the end of each day, when I am able to accomplish all the tasks that I need to finish plus being able to provide assistance to my colleagues is my definition of a successful day. All while keeping a positive energy with no stress in the way,

I think knowing that what I do helps patients in many ways to better their lives is what I find most rewarding. Also, the compliments and appreciation of the people around me - both patients and colleagues -  it makes me feel that I am doing the right thing and helps me realize that what I do is significant.



Administration / Accounts 

Crazy Dog Lady definitely sums me up. I talk about dogs, make dog treats, and absolutely love everything about them.

I count my day as a success when I can help my team -  whether it is assisting to get orders processed, or helping keep the atmosphere positive when the team is experiencing stressful moments. I believe if I can take alleviate stress off at least one person, it is a small victory.

My aim is to go home knowing I've helped people but as much as I love people there's nothing better than knowing I have helped with all of our amazing vet patients. Whether a Koala or a Dog, I love knowing we helped them feel better.



My co-workers would describe me as funny, co-operative and hard-working.

A successful day for me is when I can bring my ‘can-do’ attitude and positivity to help brighten someone’s day and inspire them to accomplish their goals. I had so much fun learning what the company’s mission statement truly meant and how the company’s procedures reflected that. I had the joy of using my newfound knowledge and skills to train new staff.

It is rewarding when my team members master their roles in the company and are able to help and inspire the people around them. I think I feel most proud in my role here when receiving positive feedback from patients and co-workers. It is such a pleasure to come to work every day working in an encouraging team environment.



My co-workers would describe me as someone that loves learning new things and is constantly looking for new ways to be better at my job. I am also known for being friendly and always having a positive attitude.

I love this job because of the positive team environment that encourages me to strive for greatness and create new ways to be more efficient and effective at providing medication to our patients.


The most rewarding part of this job is being a part of a company that is patient-focused and genuinely cares about making a positive impact in people’s lives.



My peers would know me best for being quick, tactful and the ‘techie genius’.

I am known for my dedication and hard-work to always be 100% accurate and strive for greatness in my job. I love that even at a distance I am part of a family and that I can go above and beyond to help my co-workers when they need it.

I think the most rewarding part of my job would be that I help ensure that medications are delivered to patients on time.



My co-workers describe me as kind, sweet and friendly.

It gives me a sense of achievement and fulfillment when I am able to deliver successful outcome to every task that has been assigned to me. My daily personal goal is to be able to help my co-workers with the tasks and to finish any emails that I can process within my scope of knowledge to help them lessen their workload.

For me, the most rewarding part of my job is my co-workers because despite being new to this company they have never failed to assist me in whatever question I have. I have never felt too much pressure in my time working for them. My team is the best support system and even when I have made mistakes they have guided me accordingly and proper training has been provided every step of the way.